PC clean up, virus, spyware and malware

Is this happening to your PC/Laptop?

  • Slow down of the computer or making it completely unusable
  • Pop ups or targeted adverts
  • Redirection to websites
  • Unable to access certain websites (often viruses can block access to antivirus websites to avoid detection and removal)
  • Fraudulent transactions for bank/credit cards
  • Deleting, hiding, corruption or stealing of data
  • Encryption of data (this is called ransomware whereby data is encrypted then the password is released by the attacker for a fee)
  • Alteration of desktop wallpaper without your consent
  • Alteration of Internet home page without your consent
  • Sending emails or instant messages without your knowledge
  • Disabling of firewall and antivirus applications
  • Download of further malware

We have several professional tools we use for the removal of computer viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans.  We double check and never assume that it was removed on the first instance. We know from years of experience that viruses can be devious, and even the best antivirus programs and most experienced technicians can always miss a part of them that is left behind. We specialise in this service.

Windows install/reinstall

One of the issues with a Windows install/re-install at home is the ability to install drivers for the hardware in your computer. Here at Cleethorpes Computer Centre we professionally install/re-install your operating system. Included in this are all software device drivers, not only that but we complete all Microsoft updates too so that your computer is ready for use.


Wireless devices in the home

wirelessAt Cleethorpes Computer Centre we offer a home setup service for all your wireless devices. This includes Desktop PC’s, laptops, smart TV’s, wireless printers, tablets (Kindle, Samsung, and Apple as examples.)

As people discover it’s sometimes not as easy as it looks to get your wireless devices connected successfully. We have many years experience in this field, and can confidently get you wirelessly connected.


Data Recovery

data-recoveryHave you deleted pictures or documents from your computer by mistake? Or reinstalled without saving your data? We have a professional data recovery program where we can usually recover up to 100% of your deleted files.

These files can then be saved on a device of your choice, for example an external hard disk, a memory stick, or another computer device. All of which we can supply if required.


Password removal

We have professional password removal software at our fingertips, so if you’ve forgotten your Windows logon password we can (in the vast majority of cases) reset your password.


Laptop screen replacement

We stock a large range of laptop screens and can usually replace your broken screen the same day. We have years of experience replacing screens. All screens we replace are of a high grade. Beware of poor quality replacement screens!

Call us for details.





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