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TDK CD and DVD  media

TDK DVD-RDeveloped for unrivaled performance and engineered for total reliability plus manufactured to the most exacting standards, TDK recordable CD media products are the ideal digital storage solutions. Record your favorite music, share digital images with family and friends, back up important data and more. The possibilities are limitless with TDK recordable CD media.

People trust TDK media. That’s because TDK combines proven performance with the latest technological innovations to create the world’s most cutting-edge recording media products. Only TDK Certified Plus recording media incorporates exclusive advancements such as ISOPURE recording dye and Reflex Mirror Tuning reflective layer technology. ISOPURE and Reflex Mirror Tuning technologies enable the creation of perfectly formed data marks on the disc’s recording material, eliminating irregularities that can cause data errors and high jitter. Don’t risk it, TDK it.

Sony 50CDQ80SB CD-R x 50 – 700MB – storage media

    • sonyCD recordable bulk package
    • Excellent Optical technology
    • Wide recording power margin
    • Organic dye and reflective layer
    • Super precise mastering and stamping


Intenso 1001124 CD-R 52x 25 Pack Cakebox

    • intenso52x recording speed
    • 700MB or 80 Minutes of storage capacity
    • Ultimate playback compatibility
    • Write Once
    • Single Sided


Aone 16x White Full Face Blank DVD-R Discs 4.7GB

  • fullDVD-R
  • White inkjet printable top surface
  • 4.7gb Capacity
  • 16x write speed
  • 50 pack spindle



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